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24 hour call out service from all offices:
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Terms & Conditions

We have designed our contracts to provide a safe high quality service to repair and maintain the products included in this agreement.  Please take time to read these terms and conditions carefully please check that the stated appliances noted on this agreement are correct.  If you have any questions please contact us


  • Labour and parts for repairs required to maintain your gas boiler and central heating system depending of the level of service you have chosen.
  • Priority Service
  • Manned customer services helpline 24hours 365 days of the year
  • Advice about your system from our qualified work force.
  • Annual service/safety inspection subject to manufacturer’s instructions to be carried out between 9 -5 Monday – Friday.
  • We will confirm what level of cover we can offer you on the initial inspection.


  • If on the 1st inspection/service we discover a problem we will inform you of any remedial works which are required and what the costs will be to bring you boiler and system up to current standards.
  • Offer you a different type of contract that would exclude the parts of your system causing the problem.
  • If you accept our quotation for us to carry out the remedial works we would aim to do the works as quickly as possible all payments would need to be made before the maintenance contract could commence.
  • If you choose to have another contractor carry out the remedial works we would need to recheck the works before the maintenance agreement could start there would be a charge for a second survey.


Your cover will start 14days from the initial start date in the first year.  Boiler and system breakdowns will not be covered during this period (first year only)


  • If you choose to pay by Direct Debit you can pay monthly or annually this would need to be decided before the commencement of the agreement. You can also pay by cash debit card or cheque (annual payments only) Payment is to be made in advance of your contract unless paying by monthly direct debit.
  • We will give you 4 weeks’ notice in writing of your agreement renewal date and any changes including costs. Unless you cancel the agreement we will automatically renew your contract for another year if you have chosen to pay by Direct Debit.


  • The annual service will be carried out around the same time each year at an agreed date with you this is usually at the start of your renewal agreement. We are only able to offer AM or PM appointments not an exact time.
  • Breakdown calls will always take priority over initial inspections and annual services especially through the colder months
  • It is your responsibility to allow us access we reserve the right to charge for a no answer call at an arranged appointment.
  • We will endeavour to meet your arranged appointment choices unless it is impossible for us do so because of external forces beyond our control


Breakdowns deemed as an emergency listed below:

  • Total breakdown of central heating system where there is no gas fire (winter months)
  • Uncontrollable water leak from boiler/central heating system (anytime)
  • Smell of gas (please contact 0800 111 999) (any time)
  • No hot water is not deemed as an emergency overnight


  • We provide cover for domestic central heating systems with boilers running on natural gas or LPG. Under floor heating systems are not included.  This agreement only covers boilers up to 70kw(net)
  • One boiler per property unless additional cover is taken out
  • Where the central heating system contains renewable heat source element this agreement does not cover any element of the renewable heat source installation or any specialist controls associated with it.
  • This agreement does not cover individual gas space heaters eg. Independent fires Wall heaters and flue less heaters Fan assisted radiators
  • There are no age limitations as long as spare parts are available and the boiler is in good condition. If we are unable to get the exact part and there is additional labour required to fit a substitute part we reserve the right to charge for any additional labour over and beyond the standard time for changing the part. IE wiring in new clocks thermostats altering pipework to change valves on system works
  • This agreement does not cover boiler manufacturers upgrades of seals/gaskets due to design fault
  • Only standard radiators will be covered if you have designer radiators column radiators or towel rails we will only replace with standard radiators with the equivalent output unless you pay the increased cost of a suitable alternative to your specification.
  • Additional charges will apply if you have a non-standard system eg. Unvented cylinder and Gledhill thermal stores.


  • If our engineer does not have the spare part required we use suppliers that have depots throughout the UK and are usually able to obtain the part quickly. Once we are in receipt of your part we will contact you immediately to arrange an appointment.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any delay by stockists or manufacturers that are having difficulty obtaining the part.
  • If spare parts are still currently available but in our opinion the cost of carrying out the necessary repair is more than the cost of a replacement boiler we reserve the right to replace your boiler with one of a similar specification if you want to upgrade our choice you will be eligible for the extra charge.
  • We cannot be held responsible if parts are made obsolete by the boiler manufacturer we will cancel your contract and calculate any monies owed if you’re paying by monthly Direct Debit. We would offer you a discount off a new boiler if you choose Pritchard Total Home to install your new appliance.
  • When replacing parts ie. Time Clocks Room Thermostats we retain the option of using standard parts if you request parts of a higher standard this will be chargeable 
  • Pritchard Total Home Limited will not be held responsible for the day to day running of your central heating system relighting pilot lights re-pressurising the boiler replacing batteries adjusting thermostats and time clocks you should refer to your boiler manual guide. If you request us to do this on your behalf you may incur a charge.


  • Repairs on Individual gas fires wall heaters etc.
  • Domestic hot water immersion heaters and cold water header tanks
  • Gas meter faults
  • Domestic plumbing not associated with the central heating system
  • Taps Showers Sanitary Wear
  • System flushes to remove sludge lime scale and other waste which causes blockages to your system. Pipework that needs cutting out because of blockages.  These works will be chargeable.
  • Upgrades to improve your system
  • Manufacturer design faults even if this was not picked up on the first service
  • Any costs associated with changes to your system to ensure it complies with current legislation. Examples of this would be ventilation and flues that do not meet the necessary standards.
  • Damaged caused by you or someone other than Pritchard Total Home working on the system
  • Resetting controls after power cuts or time changes from Summer/Winter settings
  • Pipes buried under concrete floors steel and lead pipes
  • Rubble which may have fallen down chimney into builders opening
  • Cooker bayonets and back plates
  • Heat exchangers will not be renewed on boilers over 15 years of age.
  • Replacement cylinders and radiators in excess of 15 years of age. This agreement covers repair only.
  • This agreement does not cover repairing damage and breakdowns caused by freezing weather conditions subsidence structural changes fire flood. Weather related problems ie: rain penetration through flue damaging the electrical components within the boiler (check your household insurance)
  • Frozen condensate pipes or damage to external condensate pipes
  • This agreement only covers the central heating system located at the property detailed on the agreement.
  • Towel rails we would replace with a standard radiator only


You can cancel your agreement as long as you give us notice. get in touch via our contact page. If you are on monthly direct debit and you cancel your payment without notifying us does not mean the contract is cancelled.

Cancellation in first 14 days

Our policy is to service your appliance before offering maintenance if you decide to cancel after receiving the offer within first 14 days you will be charged for the service or any other works that may have been carried out.

Cancellation after first 14 days

If you have paid in full and want to cancel the contract we will cancel at the end of the month in which you notify us.  You may be eligible for a refund if no works or service has been carried out.  If you are on monthly direct debit you will always have a balancing payment to make to cover the service charge and cover for the period already used.  A £15 cancellation charge applies to all of the above.

Our cancellation rights

  • If you do not make an agreed payment
  • If we find problems on the 1st service
  • Health & Safety Issues
  • If parts are obsolete
  • If you have given us false information
  • If works that we recommended be carried out are not completed

Quick summary of cancellation charges

Initial Inspection/service completed no other repairs carried out:

Payment received in advance: No refund for the service we will refund a proportion of your contract relating to the full months outstanding(less cancellation fee)

Payment by monthly direct debit:

If cancelled the service charge and period covered will be calculated for a balancing payment to be made including £15 cancellation charge.

Initial inspection/service completed also parts and repairs undertaken:

Payment received in advance: No refund will be offered

Payment by monthly direct debit: You will be invoiced for the full cost of the contract

The contract is based on the appliance at the property you requested us to inspect if you move house you will need to start a new contract.  If you are paying monthly direct debit this has to be settled at your original address first.

Personal Information: Information you provide or we hold will not be forwarded on to others and only used to contact you by us under this contract.

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