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24 hour call out service from all offices:

Advice when getting new boiler quotes

a, Request more than one quote. Preferably from a manufacturer’s approved installer.

b, Request a quote from an engineer or company recommended by other satisfied customers

c, Request quotes based on a level playing field or same specification

d, When requesting a quote make sure the installer allows for compliance with all the current regulations eg:-

  1. Chemical power flush of the system (if required) that can be confirmed by test and examining a sample of the system water)
  2. Installation of in line magnetic filter
  3. Time & temperature control
  4. Ensure the installation complies with regulations in force and it’s manufacturers or your warranty may be invalidated and you may get charged for any call out.

Just recently we were requested to provide a quote for a new boiler installation. On arrival the client advised that he had been given a quote by another engineer. The client said the engineer only walked into his house and said £1,600 without even looking around. I must admit said I he must be far more talented than me and I have been doing this job over 45 years.

When When I asked the client did the engineer provide a detailed written quote he said no. So not a good start. When I advised the client of the regulations we now have to comply with and then followed up later with the written quote the client said the other guy’s cost is over £750 cheaper.

So I explained the old saying ‘you pays your money and takes your chance’. If the other guy does not install everything in compliance with the current regulations you could get fined for non compliance, in addition your warranty may be invalidated.

What is another £750 if you live in your house for say 10 years plus. The difference is that you have piece of mind.

We have a simple view of boiler installation. Provide the client with the most reliable and efficient boiler, chemical flush the system with an annual service on the boiler and a 3 year check on your system water quality

You will have many years of trouble free use and no need for expensive maintenance contracts. Our boilers come with min 7 year warranty. That’s manufacturers parts and labour and up to 10 years on some Intergas boilers and all ATAG boilers.

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